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Kevin M.B

Property 3D Visualization Consultant

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About Me

I'm a 3D scan and visualization consultant, based in Tanzania.

What I do is: Give you a record of a real-life digital replica of all assets in your property.

That captured record is viewed as a Virtual Tour.

Want to know the measurements of that door of your shed while you're in another city? Done!

Want to confirm whether that wall was dented or not; before your tenant started the lease? Done!

I capture everything and I never miss.

Know Everything

In Your Possesion

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Skills You Can Trust

3D Spatial Scan

(Bronze Option)


I capture imagery of a space and depth data to create a digital twin of the space. Best for Facility Management purposes and Real Estate Management

Virtual-Reality Tour Creation

(Silver Option)

Visual 3D Documentation

(Gold Option)

silver back-new.jpg

3D tour of spaces to create an experience for customers to a destination prior to visit.

Best for Promotion of Projects, Hotels, Restaurants and, for Institutions recording all their assets.

I create a dimensionally accurate visually-realistic 3D scan of a space. This reduces costs and visits to a site by capturing complete 3D scans.

This is my most premium service for Engineers, Architects and Valuers

Video Camera Lens

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Email:  /  Tel: (+255) 762 255841  

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