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Kevin Barugahare,
3D Visualization Consultant

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Making a Vision from Reality

I'm a recorder of all things in spaces; view your house, building, factory, or property from anywhere; all you need is a computer or phone. No more extra costs on trips to visit a site to confirm a minor thing. For institutions; have your entire staff know how all properties look like while in the comfort of their offices, advertise your project visually to your investors, use a 3D virtual scan to keep a record of the condition of all your machinery for valuation purposes.

I trained to offer this service after; hearing of staff not being able to make an accurate decision of a project in a faraway city, because they had never been there. Managers frustrated over costs of trips meant to merely measure the dimensions of a room in an out of city property. And, hotel guests being unable to decide on an appropriate room to book, from uncertainty on the quality of the rooms offered.

My service is a solution to all these problems and more.

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